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5 Ideas for Creating a Zen Bedroom

Mother and Daughter meditating The bedroom should be a space that helps promote rest and relaxation. If you're having trouble sleeping, then you might want to consider giving your bedroom a makeover. One way that you can do this is by introducing a few zen design ideas.

Following are five ideas for creating a zen bedroom:

1. Add natural elements

Adding natural elements, such as plants, to your bedroom is an excellent way to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Plants produce oxygen, which can help to improve your bedroom's air quality. Additionally, the color green is known to have a relaxing effect.

2. Introduce soft light

The quality of your bedroom's lighting will have a big impact on your ability to create a space that's conducive to rest and relaxation. Replace any harsh fluorescent lighting in your bedroom with softer lights. Instead of exclusively using the general overhead light, add lamps and other light sources throughout the bedroom, such as wall-mounted reading lights.

Another effective way to improve the quality of your bedroom light is to install a dimmer so that you have complete control over how much light the room gets.

Man meditating on bed 3. Keep your furniture selections simple

If you have a spacious bedroom, that doesn't mean that you should fill it up with furniture. Keep your furniture selections to the necessities, such as a bed, a nightstand, and maybe a simple armchair that can be used in a small reading nook. The more furniture in your bedroom, the smaller the bedroom space is going to feel.

4. Don't over-decorate

Focus on simplicity when it comes to decorating the bedroom. Avoid cluttering your walls with photographs, artwork, and other wall decorations. Doing this can overwhelm the senses, making it more difficult to relax when you're in the bedroom. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't decorate at all -- just keep it minimal.

5. Remove electronic devices

Electronic devices are distracting and will take away from the zen-like environment that you are trying to create. This means that you should avoid setting up a TV or stereo system in your bedroom. These kinds of distractions not only take away from the peace and quiet that you want in a zen bedroom, but also will make it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

Create a zen-like environment in your bedroom with quality furniture, bedding, lighting and more today.


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