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6 Jobs Technology Made Obsolete

If you want to measure how much technology has changed our culture, a good place to look is the job market. Occupations that were once necessary have become obsolete due to the progression of technology, and it's fascinating to see how different the world was before it evolved into what we know now. Here are some weird jobs you're not about to see listed on indeed.com.

1. Human computer

Human Computers


The term "computer" used to mean " one who computes." These people performed mathematical calculations before electronic computers became available.

2. Elevator operator

Elevator Operator

Back when elevators needed to be operated manually, people were hired to do that job. It eventually progressed to frequently double as a tour guide position. This job still exists in a few places, such as some monuments and Japanese department stores.

3. Knocker-up

Knocker Up

Ever wonder how people woke up in time for work before alarm clocks existed? In Britain and Ireland, knocker-ups would knock on their clients' doors or windows with sticks to rouse them from their sleep.

4. Printer's devil

Printer's Devil

Quite a few renowned men (including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, and Lyndon Johnson) were once printer's devils. This was an apprentice position in printing establishments, and it involved performing tasks like mixing tubs of ink.

5. Switchboard operator

Switchboard Operator

Before direct dialing existed, companies hired switchboard operators to connect calls using manual telephone switchboards. The job required strong communication skills, and it involved inserting phone plugs into their appropriate jacks.

6. Lamplighter


Almost all street lights are electric now, but before they were, lamplighters would use a wick on a long pole to light them every evening.

What modern jobs do you think technology is on its way to replacing?

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