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8 Things People Forget to Add to Their Wedding Registry

Whether you’re planning to attend friends’ events or have your own, you’re probably thinking a lot about the best wedding gifts. To help you put together your registry, we’ve compiled a list of things couples really appreciate receiving, but forget to add to their list!

Image of all the items mentioned in article 1. Coffee Maker/Espresso Machine

A cup of coffee in the morning is the perfect way to start the day, and it’s a staple to offer guests who come to visit. Every home needs at least a basic coffee maker, and if you want to get a bit fancier, Keurigs and espresso machines are great additions.

2. Lawnmower

This is one of those things people often regret not including in their registry. If you have a lawn, you will need a lawnmower, so take this opportunity to get one!

3. Kitchen Appliances

If you don’t already have the things you will absolutely need, these are your number one priority! Make sure your kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, range, and wall oven. If any of these items is missing, put it at the top of your registry.

4. Toaster Oven

Regular toasters are great for just making toast, but you’ll find that upgrading to a toaster oven will give you a lot more options. You can use it to bake, cook frozen or fresh foods, reheat leftovers, keep things warm, and pretty much anything you can do with a regular oven except on a smaller scale.

5. Patio Furniture

Like lawnmowers, this is often forgotten because it isn’t actually in the house. But the outside is just as important, and you’ll be glad you remembered to include it when the sun is calling you outdoors.

6. Blender

There is SO MUCH you can do with a blender, especially a high-powered one. Besides smoothies and other beverages, you can use a blender to make soup, sauce, dip, granola, fudge, dressing, nut butter, fruit spreads, batter, and so much more.

7. Television

Even if you aren’t a big TV watcher, you’ll want one in your home. You can use it to watch movies with your partner and friends, and it’s great entertainment for when people come over.

8. Stuff for Your Hobbies

Don’t forget to ask for things that are valuable to the activities you enjoy. If you and your partner like to camp, add some camping gear to your registry. If you like to travel, ask for a new camera. Think about how you and your partner will be spending your time together, and ask for the things that will make that time even more special.

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