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Home for the Holidays: Cozy Guest Room Ideas & Essentials

Home For The Holidays

The invitation has been extended and accepted. Now it's time to prepare the room for your holiday guests. Let P.C. Richard & Son help you prepare for visitors with guest room ideas for family and friends.

Reclaim the Space as a Bedroom

If you've been using the spare room as a workout space, office, craft room or a dumping ground for the stuff your family accumulates, now is the time to reclaim the space as an actual bedroom. Clear out any personal items and thoroughly clean the room from top to bottom, including carpet and window treatment cleaning. If possible, relocate any exercise equipment as it will make the room and your guests feel cramped for space during their visit.

Guest Room Essentials: Comfortable Mattress

The impending arrival of holiday guests is the ideal occasion to access your guest room essentials. If the bed features a mattress that sags and is so uncomfortable no one else in the house will use it, your guests will hate it as much as you do. Consider replacing the old guest room mattress with one that offers comfort and a good night's sleep. A queen mattress easily accommodates two adults, even if one is taller than six feet.
Mattress toppers and pads are an easy way to update an older, but still good mattress. A mattress topper can add a bit of plushness to a very firm mattress, while a quality mattress pad cover can help protect it from moisture, spills and the occasional bedwetting accident.

Quality Bedding

Treat your holiday guests to new, high-quality sheet sets instead of mismatched linens that have been in storage for the last year. Bedgear's Dri-Tec sheets are luxurious to the touch and the queen set easily fits a 22-inch deep mattress without pulling up during the night.
Add two TempurPedic Cloud Soft pillows to the bed as well. These are ideal for guests because they offer all-night comfort for side, back and stomach sleepers. Don't forget to include at least one extra pillow per guests because many people enjoy sleeping with more than one pillow.

Make the Bed

Of course you're planning to make the bed before your guests arrive. However, the bed is the focal point of the room, so the comforter/bedspread and accent pillows chosen do make a difference. A neutral bedspread makes it easy to add pops of color with pillows, décor and window treatments. Depending on the room's overall design, a family heirloom bedspread may make the most impact with the remaining room accents chosen to complement that one piece.
Tip: Provide your guests with at least one or two extra blankets, including a cozy throw blanket.

Room Accents and Details

For a truly cozy guest room, it's the little details that matter. For the holidays, consider hanging a wreath on the wall or displaying a small, tabletop Christmas tree on chest of drawers. Neatly fold the guest towels and then tie with a ribbon and bow, like a present, before placing on the bed or chair. Add decorative throw rugs to warm up hardwood or tile floors, but make sure they have non-skid backing for safety. At night, place a tray with a pitcher of water and glasses in the room. Don't forget to add a nightlight to illuminate the space as needed.

Entertaining overnight guests during the holidays is a great way to share the season's magic and joy. Let P.C. Richard & Son be there for all your home essential needs to make your guests always feel welcome and special.

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