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10 Ways to Beat the Heat Without an Air Conditioner

Fan blowing at a dog Keeping cool isn't always about air conditioners. Here are some additional ways you keep comfortable in the heat:

1. At night, open your windows and turn on any ceiling fans so they're spinning counter-clockwise to circulate the air. In the morning, close the windows to trap the cooler air inside while it lasts (especially during peak heat times of 10am - 2pm). Closing your blinds and curtains will help the cooler air last longer, especially on the south or west sides of your home where the sun beats most.

2. Avoid caffeine close to bedtime, as it raises body temperature.

3. Turn off the computer, stereo, TV, desk lamp, or any electronic that generates heat when not in use.

4. Wear loose, light-colored cotton or linen clothing to give your skin air to breathe.

5. Placing a container of ice in front of a window or fan can act like a mini-A/C and offers surprisingly satisfying relief.

6. Take on the town! Get out and peruse your town's shops, restaurants, or libraries that have air conditioning. Hot afternoons are the perfect time to run errands and go to the supermarket.

A sign that reads Stay Cool 7. Use a mattress or mattress protector with cooling material along with a cooling pillow to stay comfortable while you sleep.

8. Put mint in a glass of water or use skin care products infused with it to refresh yourself with a nice cooling sensation.

9. Eat fruits and vegetables with high water content, including leafy lettuces, corn on the cob, cucumbers, watermelon, and summer squash. You can also sweat out the heat with spicy foods like hot peppers, fresh ginger, horseradish, and black pepper.

10. Alternatively and surprisingly enough, try to avoid ingesting foods that are lower than your actual body temperature. Ice cream will initially cool you off for 15 minutes or so, but your body will soon increase blood flow to warm you back up.

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