Keurig Iced Coffee: Perfect for Warm Weather! |

Keurig Iced Coffee: Perfect for Warm Weather!

Did you know that making iced teas and coffees with your Keurig machine is just as easy as making hot drinks? Now that it's finally getting warmer outside, it's nice to relax with an ice-cold French vanilla coffee.

Brewing these delicious drinks is easy: Fill your cup (avoid using glass) to the very top with ice. Then, pop your favorite K-cup into the machine and set it to brew either 6 or 8 ounces. This will give you a potent shot of flavor that will melt some of the ice and give you the perfect flavor-to-liquid ratio. Stir it up and you're all set to climb into the hammock and enjoy a nice sunny day.

We have several K-cups perfect for icing, including French vanilla and hazelnut. If you don't already have a Keurig, what are you waiting for? We have these popular single-serve coffee brewers right here.

What's your favorite way to enjoy a warm day? Share it with us in the comments!

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