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Laptop Buying Guide - Top 10 Features to Look For


Time to buy a laptop computer? Take a look at the options, and you’re likely to get a little overwhelmed at the many choices. Here at P.C. Richard & Son we make the process of choosing just the right computer as easy as possible. We’ve created this handy buying guide containing the top 10 features to look for in a laptop.

1. Size and weight

Most likely you’ll be transporting your laptop, so its size and weight matter. Heavier laptops weigh around 5 pounds, whereas ultra-light computers come in at around 3 pounds. The diameter of the device is also important, as you want to be able to easily fit it in your briefcase or laptop backpack.

2. Screen quality and size

How good of a resolution do you want for your computer screen and how big do you want the screen? Most screens come in 13, 15 and 17 inches. The latter two sizes work for watching videos. Generally it’s best to go for the highest resolution option.

3. Keyboard

Especially if you do a lot of typing, it’s critical that you choose a laptop with a comfortable keyboard that allows for efficiency. Look for a keyboard with a good layout that is backlit.

4. Storage and memory space

If you store a lot of info in the cloud, this may not be as big of a concern, but if you want to load your computer up with music and videos, get as much storage and memory space as possible. Get 4GB of RAM or even more. The more RAM you have, the more applications you can run at the same time and the more quickly you can access data.

5. Battery life

How long you use your computer at a sitting dictates how much battery life you require. Your computer will last according to a variety of factors, including how bright your screen is and the various tasks you run simultaneously. You can always upgrade your laptop battery if you require more power.

6. Processor and graphics

How efficiently your computer runs is dictated by its main processor, and how good the graphics look is due to the graphics processor.

7. Wireless networking capability

No doubt you’re going to want to get online wherever you go, so it’s critical that your laptop has this capability.

8. Security features

When safeguarding your information is critical, choose a laptop that comes with security feature such as a fingerprint scanner.

9. USB port

Chances are you’ll need to transfer data between your various devices. A USB port lets you readily move information.

10. Warranty

What kind of a guarantee do you have if your new computer quits working? And do you want to get accident insurance in case of a fall? These are some of the questions you should ask in order to determine what type of laptop warranty is right for you.

At P.C. Richard & Son, we carry a wide variety of laptop computers. Come in today to try a few out and determine the right choice for you.

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