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P.C. Richard & Son's Mobile Installation Centers: Take the Ultimate Road Trip This Summer

Friends on Road TripWhether it be upstate NY, Florida beaches, or you're traveling across the country... the possibilities are endless. Wherever you're going on a road trip, you'll have a blast with mobile upgrades that'll make your journey extra fun and memorable. We've got you covered at our Mobile Installation Centers with everything from adding new speakers to a video system. Here are some ideas to help you plan the ultimate road trip this summer:

Car Audio 

We have car stereos, car audio accessories, car speakers, subwoofers, and many more car audio options.  

What's a road trip without amazing music? Having an up-to-date car audio system is essential if you're heading out on the open road. Your car stereo could make or break the trip. Don't just settle for the speakers your car already has, especially if they're flat-sounding and dull. We have Kenwood, Pioneer, and Alpine car stereos that feature the latest, awesome technologies. For example, select models of AM/FM car stereos come equipped with built-in Bluetooth, allowing for hands-free calling and Bluetooth streaming music. The Siri Eyes Free feature provides voice dialing, turn by turn directions, and lets you listen to text messages. This sure would come in handy on a road trip! 

If you're planning on blasting music, you'll want to have good car speakers. We have Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, and Kicker speakers that'll allow you to crank up the volume without sacrificing sound. Have you ever played one of your favorite songs and it sounded muffled? The right speakers won't make that happen. They'll allow you to hear the music the way it was intended-- clear and crisp. Plus, adding a subwoofer will create extra deep, bass sound for an immersive experience. You'll experience the music the way it was recorded. 

Add Satellite Radio for the ultimate road trip experience with commercial free music channels and a huge variety of choices. The display lists each artist's name and the song title, so if you hear a song you like, you can see who sings it. One of the best things about Satellite Radio is there'll be great sound anywhere you travel. You won't lose signal or hear static, even while traveling across the country. Crank up your favorite jams, sing along with your friends, and make great summertime memories. Satellite Radio channels also provide traffic and weather updates, which will come in handy. 

Beautiful Ocean ViewRemote Starts  

Restaurants, beautiful sights, rest stops... road trips always involve pit stops! Having a remote start system will help make your travels more convenient. If you're making a lot of stops, takeover mode is great for when you want to leave you engine running without leaving your keys in the car. Even if you're gone for only ten minutes at a time, you don't need to keep starting your car each time you return. You can re-enter with keyless entry right from your remote and even keep the A/C on. Plus, having a remote start system provides safety. Panic mode will allow you to grab the attention of others by triggering your vehicle's horn while in remote range. 

Car Video

Adding an in-dash car video system will provide ultimate convenience. They offer multiple, all-in-one features like Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming, built-in navigation, optional Satellite Radio tuner, smart phone integration, and more. When you're busy having fun with your friends, it's helpful to have everything you'll need during your road trip in one compact spot on a big screen. You could also add a rear-view camera for safety.

If you've got a car full of movie lovers, a mobile video system will be a hit. Watching a movie from the back seat will add some extra fun to the trip, especially if it's a long car ride.

GPS Navigation Systems

A Garmin GPS navigation system is essential. When traveling in unfamiliar places, it's easy to get lost. You don't want to spoil your road trip by getting lost and delaying the time it takes to get to your destination. Select models have real time traffic updates, allowing you to take the fastest route possible. Garmins also provide info on local rest areas, food, and lodging based on where you're located. While smartphone screens are tiny, a GPS screen can be nearly twice the size, making it easier to see. While using navigation on your smartphone it could eat up the battery as well as make a dent in your data plan. A GPS won't interfere with your smartphone, and you don't have to worry about the screen disappearing if you get an incoming call as you would if you're using your phone for navigation. 

Woman Taking Photos in CarAutomotive Lighting

We've got you covered when it comes to finding just the right automotive lighting. Adding LED lights or an LED light bar will make it extra bright, providing illuminating white light while driving in the dark for safety and convenience. LED lights are more energy-efficient and stronger than halogen bulbs, so they'll help you save some money in fuel costs. Also, there's no need to change the bulbs the way headlights are changed, so you won't need to worry about one of your headlights going out while on your trip.

Our helpful and knowledgeable installers P.C. Richard & Son Mobile Installation Centers will help you select the right system for your needs and provide the installation you require. We offer a lifetime warranty on our installations and the lowest pricing. Stop by one of our Mobile Installation Centers to learn more.

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