Planning the Ultimate Summer Road Trip: Family Trips to the Cape |

Planning the Ultimate Summer Road Trip: Family Trips to the Cape

Family Road Trip

Pack up the kids; it's time for the ultimate summer road trip! Whether you're planning a cross-country trek to visit family or a week-long getaway to the Cape, look to P.C. Richard and Son for ways to keep everyone entertained as the miles roll along.

Here are 5 must-haves for a stress-free summer road trip with kids of all ages:




1. Keep on Track With a GPS

A quality GarminGPS navigation system with updated maps help you avoid construction and other traffic delays that can add hours to any road trip. GPS features to look for include real-time traffic updates, reliable route alternatives to avoid construction, or other traffic snarls and free map upgrades for life. While a map service or GPS app for your phone may be able to get you from point A to point B, a portable GPS offers much more, including multiple destination routing… and keeps your mobile phone free for entertaining the kids!



2. Smart Snacks = Happy Kids

It's essential to pack kid-friendly snacks for any road trip. Without ample supply you'll end up having to stop often, therefore wasting time and often indulging in not-so-healthy choices. The five perfect snacks to pack for any road trip with kids are:

  • String cheese

  • Snack baggies filled with pretzels

  • Grapes (only if the kids are old enough; grapes can be a choking hazard)

  • Granola bars (tip: the chewier ones create fewer crumbs)

  • Snack baggies filled with baby carrots and celery sticks

You want to pack snacks the kids will eat but ones that won't be super messy or potentially hazardous. Keep everything chilled in a cooler. The U.S.D.A. recommends packing drinks in a separate cooler so the food cooler is not opened frequently.

3. Games and Entertainment EssentialsTablet

Keep the kids entertained by playing family-friendly games like 20 Questions, I Spy and the Alphabet Game. The Alphabet Game can be played multiple times and the rules are simple: the driver chooses a category (cartoon characters, foods, etc.). Everyone starts with the letter A and tries to come up with cartoon character that starts with A. Play rounds for each letter of the alphabet.

When everyone tires of games, let the kids pass the time by watching a movie on a car video system or your tablet. A tablet PC offers even the youngest viewer a nice-sized screen to enjoy a favorite movie. Don't forget to pack headphones!


4. Remote Start for Quick Cooling

Nothing is wo4105v-1rse during the heat of summer than having to get back into a vehicle that's baked in the scorching sun. Whether it's a rest stop for lunch or a side trip to enjoy a scenic view, entering a stifling hot vehicle makes everyone uncomfortable and cranky. A remote car starter solves this problem. Use the remote start to get the air conditioning running, reducing the interior heat before everyone gets back in.




5. Post Trip Essentials

You've spent 10 days at the Cape, three of those days were in the car with the entire family — sometimes you simply need a bit of rest after your "restful" vacation. De-stress from the driving and other vacation activities by lounging in the yard in an outdoor chair or taking a long, uninterrupted soak in the bath tub. You'll feel relaxed and recharged after enjoying some down time. Then you can begin planning next summer's road trip!

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