Sun Joe: a Complete Landscaping Solution |

Sun Joe: a Complete Landscaping Solution

Taking care of a yard can be a difficult task. The equipment needed is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. Lugging around heavy equipment, inhaling exhaust fumes, and buying and storing gas and oil can make you dread tackling outdoor projects.

We all want a beautiful yard and simple ways to maintain it. Sun Joe offers a complete landscaping solution that’s economical, lightweight, and virtually maintenance free!

Tiller JoeStart the season off right with the easy-to-use Sun Joe Tiller Joe Max. Prepare soil for a plant bed or remove dirt and roots to plant a new lawn. There are no gas fumes or complicated oil mixtures. Just plug-in, press the start button, and turn soil to create a nutrient-rich base.

Once the season is in full swing, you’re going to want to tame that overgrown lawn. Forget about giving the lawnmower a tune-up, checking spark plugs, getting gas, oil, and priming the engine. Instead, get the Sun Joe Ion 16” 40 Volt Cordless Mower, great for a medium-sized lawn. Just charge up the battery before use and you’re ready to trim your lawn effortlessly.

If you want to get the kids involved with chores, this mower is perfect by offering a safe one-push start-up, and cordless power. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Next, the flower beds and walkways need to be tended to. It’s time to power up the Sun Joe SharperBlade Electric Stringless Trimmer/Edger. This unique tool doesn’t use a cutting string that constantly needs adjusting. Its cutting blade lasts as long as a wire spool, minus the maintenance. Easily trim along walls and around flowers and plants without stopping to adjust the string length or rewind an unwound spool.

When trimming is complete, a unique Twist-N-Lock system converts the trimmer into an edger by simply twisting the collar and turning the blade head 180°.

Finally, keep the yard neat by removing grass clippings and accumulated leaves. blower joe 1Plug in the lightweight Sun Joe Blower Joe 3-1 Electric Blower, Vacuum & Leaf Shredder and put this versatile machine to work. Blow trimmings from walkways and stairs with wind speeds up to 200 MPH. Then, roll the Blower Joe on the ground and switch to vacuum mode to suck leaves into the 14-gallon storage bag and shred them into nutrient-filled mulch.

You can continue using the Blower Joe deep into the fall months to keep the yard leaf-free without the back-breaking task of raking and bagging.

Check out our full line of Sun Joe’s economical, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly machinery. Choose a bundle of equipment that’s right for you and start checking off that seasonal to-do list today.

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