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Thanksgiving Last Minute Checklist


Thanksgiving is almost here and if you are hosting at your house this year, you’re probably scrambling to make sure everything is in order. Here is a quick checklist to run down to make sure you are right on track for the big day:


  • Confirm your guest list. You may have had last-minute cancellations or last-minute invites.

  • Confirm you have enough place settings, tableware, and chairs.

  • If you didn’t already clean up the house this weekend, start your cleaning now.

  • Make sure all of the china and glassware has been washed and your napkins and table cloths are clean and ironed.

  • Make room in your fridge for fresh groceries you may still need to purchase.

  • If you haven’t stated defrosting your turkey yet, you better start now… it takes 24 hours to defrost a 4-5 pound turkey. You can thaw it in the sink faster with cold water if you are pressed for time.

  • Purchase any fresh items on your list tonight, as well as drink items you might need, seltzer, cider, etc., and fresh flowers if you plan on making an arrangement for a centerpiece.

  • Set your cooking schedule for Thursday


  • Prepare and refrigerate your deserts and side dishes.

  • Set the table and arrange seating. Place any additional fall decorations throughout the house.

  • Chill beverages and make extra ice cubes if you aren’t buying a bulk bag.

Thanksgiving Morning

  • Turn on the Thanksgiving Day parade and get into the spirit!

  • Follow the cooking schedule you set

  • Put the turkey in to roast

  • Defrost dinner rolls and any other frozen items.

  • Complete all other dishes needed such as salad, fruit trays, cheese platters, etc.

Serve, socialize, enjoy, and relax! From the P.C. Richard & Son family to yours, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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