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The Importance of Sleep for Athletes

Woman tying shoe The training routine of an athlete can be quite rigorous. To stay at the top of their game, not only do they need to work out regularly, but they also have to stick to a strict diet to get the most out of their training. What you may not realize is that to get the most out of their workout routine and diet, athletes need to get plenty of sleep as well.

The Benefits of Sleep for Athletes

Athletes depend on a good night's sleep more than most because the amount of physical activity that they perform depletes their energy, uses up their fluids, and breaks down their muscle. Sleep allows the body to recover from this wear and tear. Sleep also helps rebuild muscle to make the athlete stronger and ensures that the bloodstream gets the oxygen and nutrients the body needs.

Additionally, a lack of sleep can hurt an athlete's accuracy and their ability to make split-second decisions, both of which are typically essential to any sport. A lack of sleep can also cause their level of protein to drop, which can hinder muscle recovery.

Group of women soccer players Getting Enough Sleep as an Athlete

Creating a sleep routine to maximize your recovery shouldn't be too difficult, whether you're an athlete or just trying to get fit. This is because you're probably already used to sticking to a workout routine.

Begin by tracking how many hours of uninterrupted sleep you get every night. Compare this to your daily workouts to identify how it correlates to your exercises and diet as well as your days off. It should be easier to craft a more effective workout routine using this information.

It's also worth noting that exercising will improve the quality of your sleep. A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that most respondents slept better the harder they worked out. In general, studies have found that individuals that work out at least 150 minutes a week tend to sleep better overall.

Whether you're an amateur athlete, a professional athlete or just trying to get fit, sleep is an important part of your routine. Find a mattress that helps you get the rest you need to recover and be ready for the next day’s work out today.

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