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Cloud TV takes smart TV to a whole new level. Get easy access to a menu of new services with a Multi-Page Cloud TV Portal. Stream movies and news, access your music and photos, or find something new with the MediaGuide. Socialize with family and friends with Skype, Facebook or Twitter. Share photos, leave a message or post to the calendar from your mobile devices using the companion app.

As if Smart TV wasn’t smart enough, check out these new features:

  • Content Discovery. Cloud TV puts you closer than ever to the things you love – Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, along with video on demand, broadcast programming, the web, even music, photos and videos on your home network.

  • Wireless Display makes it possible to display small screen content, from your PC or other mobile device, on your bigscreen TV wirelessly.

  • MediaGuide is an Ideal TV programming guide with advanced search. Find great viewing-even from your tablet.

  • Kontrol TV Gamming allows you and your family or friends to play TV games with multiple players at once using your tablet or smart phone as a controller.

  • New Home Screen allows different user profiles. This makes it easy for the user to sync up with their own personalized Cloud data stream with the TV, which can then store a schedule of upcoming events input either through the TV, Cloud TV app, iPad or other mobile device. Also with the personal profile system the TV will track your own viewing habits and make viewing recommendations accordingly.

The beauty of these TVs is that they let you connect with your Cloud TV – your calendar, photo albums, personal messaging and much more-using your mobile device or computer to extend the experience at home and away. Click here to learn more about Toshiba Cloud TV.

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