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What Works With Nest?

Works With Nest

Does it seem like everywhere you go you hear about smart homes? It’s no surprise; people are excited about making things magically happen around the house with their smartphones and other devices. Now, there are universal remotes, digital wall panels and apps that let you control a variety of things in your home. ‘Works with Nest’ has taken smart home to the next level, making your house “a more thoughtful and conscious home.”

‘Works with Nest’ makes it possible for your Nest devices to securely interact with the things you already use every day, both in and out of your home.  Here are some things that you may not have known ‘Works with Nest:’

Philips hue

Nest and Philips hue have teamed up, and by working together, will allow you to leave your home worry-free. The lights in your home will shut off as you leave and turn on when you arrive back. They can also mimic your presence when you are on vacation by syncing your hue lighting to your Nest Protect alarms.


The Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer and Dryer now Works with Nest and allows you to save energy with longer, more efficient dryer cycles while you’re away. When you’re out, Whirlpool can auto-delay laundry cycles during energy rush hours. If your laundry cycle ends before you get home, it will also keep your clothes fresh.


By using Kevo’s Touch-To-Open™ technology, the Nest thermostat will recognize when you’ve entered your home and offer to adjust the temperature accordingly. When you leave and lock your Kevo, you’ll have the ability to set your Nest Thermostat back to the “Away” temperatures that you specified during your Nest Thermostat setup. The power of integrating the Nest Thermostat and Kevo means owners will now be able to extend personalized temperature settings to admin eKey holders as well.


By connecting your UP24 with your Nest Thermostat, the temperature of your house will automatically adjust to a temperature you prefer – the moment you go to bed or wake up. Through UP Insights, they’ve discovered that an ideal sleeping environment is cooler; between 65 and 72 degrees. With the Nest integration, once your band enters Sleep Mode, your thermostat will kick down to your ideal temperature. And when you wake? You guessed it! Your thermostat will automatically adjust to a warmer temperature… all without leaving your bed.


With Dropcam, you can stay connected with people, places and pets no matter where you are. Now, thanks to Works with Nest, your home will be even safer and more efficient. Monitor your home for smoke and carbon monoxide with Nest Protect. If a safety event occurs, Dropcam will turn on automatically and create a clip. A notification will then be sent directly to your mobile phone so you’ll be able to take action immediately.

‘Works with Nest’ connects these different parts of your life effortlessly. It works behind the scenes to deliver personalized comfort, safety and energy savings.  Want to learn more about ‘Works with Nest’ stop into a P.C. Richard & Son Superstore and one of our expert sales representatives can answer any questions you may have!

Works With Nest

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