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Sonos Bedroom Installation

We're at this home today, where the consumer has installed Sonos in virtually every room in their home, except for the bedroom. Why don't you come on inside and we're going to show you a great bedroom installation that you can easily do yourself. Right this way. For this bedroom installation, we have chosen two Play:1s; one on each nightstand. This is going to give us great stereo imaging. We're also going to add a Sonos subwoofer for some great, deep, rich natural base. Why don't I now show you how we can set this all up on the Sonos App. Its real simple.

We'll start by positioning the Play:1s on the nightstand and plugging them into the wall outlet. Next, we'll use the app to add the first Play:1 to the Sonos network. We'll name the first Play:1 “Bedroom”, and the second one, we'll set up the same way. We'll name that one “Bedroom2”. Now that the two Play:1s are set up in the bedroom, we want to group both together, as a stereo pair. It’s really quite simple. First, go to settings. Then select room settings. I'm going to select the first Play:1 named Bedroom. Then select create stereo pair. Next step is to chose the second Play:1 that you would like to pair with this one. You're going to have the option to pair with any other Play:1 available on the network. In this case, we're going to select Bedroom2, and then press next. You'll be asked to press the volume up button on the Bedroom2 speaker. It will then confirm the two speakers are now paired and will appear as Bedroom in your rooms menu. Press done. We now have a stereo pair of Play:1s in our bedroom. 

Now if you really want to kick it up a notch, we can add some soul shaking bass with a Sonos Sub. We're going to do this from room settings menu. Press add a player or sub. Make sure your sub is plugged in and press the next button. During power up you'll see a flashing white light. Wait until you see a flashing green. It will take a moment.

You'll be asked to press two buttons simultaneously, but because your sub doesn't feature two buttons, you'll select "I don't see these two buttons," which will prompt to a single button with a double arrow pointing at each other. This is the only button, by the way, you're going to find on the sub. Wait for the white light to flash on the sub and press it. It will turn red briefly while connecting. 
You'll get a confirmation that the sub has been added. Press the next button and choose a room for the sub to be added to. In this case, I'm going to choose Bedroom, and then press next. Now you'll get some optimization questions. The next step is to choose the volume level of the sub. It’s set for a neutral position. It will give you the ability to either increase or decrease the low frequency effects. Then press next. You'll get a confirmation that your sub has now been optimized, and your set up is now complete. 
Now it's time to listen to some great music in the bedroom.  

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