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The best dishwashers on the market still need occasional maintenance. To help consumers meet those needs, P.C. Richard & Son is proud to offer dishwasher accessories for a variety of dishwasher models. If you need a dishwasher installation kit, we carry specific kits for your brand.

Have peace of mind and confidence in your purchase when searching for dishwasher accessories from our online store. We have over a century-long track record in helping our customers meet their appliance needs.

Whether you're a dishwasher repair specialist, or someone handy who is ready to get their hands dirty, you'll find a number of useful dishwasher parts at P.C. Richard & Son.

Get Ready for Sparkling Dishes with Dishwasher Installation Kits, Rinse Aids & Accessories

You could be in need of a dishwasher waterline install kit (with assorted hardware and waterline), or something as straightforward as water softening salt. We offer these dishwasher accessories and more!

For those who haven't used water softening salt in their dishwasher before, you'll have to refer to your model's specific manual for directions on replacement. Even so, there's no need to let a fix like this intimidate you, as most dishwashers which utilize dishwashing salt are designed with easy to access salt reservoirs.

Before you put table salt in your dishwasher, know all salt isn't created equal. Dishwasher salt is a grade of granulated sodium chloride designed to help purge ions from typical hard water supplies (magnesium and calcium normally). Much like water softener salt, dishwasher salt granules are larger than table salt. This larger granule size helps the salt dissolve more slowly, and helps your unit ward off hard water stains.

We also offer a rinse aid option which provides glassware long-term protection from etching while reducing line and water stains. Keep your dishes looking impeccable with everything we have to offer from P.C. Richard & Son. From mounting kits to dishwasher parts, we're ready to serve you! Shop our selection today.

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