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Westbend 82416 Popcorn Maker
MODEL: 82416
  • 14 Cup
  • Countertop Size
  • Easy-To-Clean
  • Painted
Nostalgia Electrics RHP310RED Popcorn Maker
  • 8 Cup
  • Countertop Size
  • Easy-To-Clean
  • Painted

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If you love movie theater popcorn and think microwave popcorn is a sad substitute, then you need a popcorn machine at home! A popcorn maker quickly pops whole kernels of corn and turns them into a light and crispy snack that tastes much fresher than what comes out of the bag. Plus, when you use a popcorn popper, you have complete control over how much butter and salt you put on top. You can even make custom-flavored popcorn using seasonings like cheddar cheese, ranch, caramel, kettle corn, garlic and parmesan, cheesy jalapeno, dill pickle, and so much more. Shop for a popcorn maker machine at P.C. Richard & Son today and enjoy healthier and tastier popcorn whenever you like!

A Popcorn Maker Makes Snacktime Healthier

Did you know popcorn that's popped in an air-popped popcorn machine is a healthy treat? It's true! Popcorn is a whole grain snack and an excellent source of fiber. It's much healthier for your family than microwaved popcorn because it doesn't have all the fat, salt, and preservatives a microwave pack contains. Ever notice how greasy the microwave popcorn bag gets? When you use a home popcorn machine, very little oil is used and the kernels come out big, fluffy, and with a crispy texture and satisfying taste you're going to love.

Shop online today at P.C. Richard & Son to see our line of best-selling popcorn machines from your favorite brands. Order online and have your popcorn maker in time for your next movie night at home!

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