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Exploring the Benefits of Curved TVs

Curved TV Lifestyle ImageCurved TVs are becoming more prevalent in today’s television market. Sure, they look great in design and picture quality, but how else do they differ from their flat screen counterparts? Let’s take a look at some ways curved panels can enrich your entire viewing experience.


Let’s face it, curved TVs stand out with their stunningly sleek and modernized appearance. Many people are enticed by the stylized aesthetics of curved panels when choosing a TV. You can’t go wrong with putting a curved TV in the heart of your living room… there’s no doubt it’ll be the center of attention!

 Immersive Viewing Experience

Get into the “sweet spot” of a large curved TV monitor and allow it to enter your peripheral vision. Sitting up-close and center will make you feel like you’re immersed in your video game or movie, and they're great for catching every detail of sports games. Plus, the gentle arc draws your focus to the center of the screen, creating a more relaxed viewing experience that’s easier on your eyes.

Sharper Edged Images

Movie theaters began using curved screens to counteract the degraded picture clarity on a large screen. Tracking the natural shape of your eyes, curved panel screens create an illusion that the edges of the images are sharper.

Curved Television


Depending on the viewing angle and location, the slight radius helps deflect natural light and reflections better than a flat-screen monitor.

Improved Contrast

The curvature of the screen is better at reflecting light towards the viewer as opposed to spreading it around the room, improving perceived contrast.

Deeper Image Depth

The concave design of the TV panel moves the images onto multiple depth planes. A foreground and background is created instead of just a flat surface. This gives the images a discernible 3D look, adding to the realism of the picture.

The benefits in choosing a curved panel TV can create quite an impact for TV watchers. If you’re looking for some extra viewing enhancements, check out our huge selection of curved TVs today!

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