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Upright Freezers

Upright freezers offer vertically-oriented storage for frozen food items, perfect for areas with limited floor space. Start shopping for your freestanding freezer now!

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How an Additional Freezer Can Save You Money & Time

Are you looking to save money on groceries? We all are, and a great way to do that is with an additional freezer. It may sound silly to suggest spending money to save money, but the amount you can save is well worth the investment.

Shop Frost-Free Upright Freezers at P.C. Richard & Son!

If you're looking for a freestanding freezer that doesn't take up much floor space, a stand-up freezer is a perfect solution! These vertical units come in a variety of options for capacity, dimensions, and colors to suit any storage need or décor requirement. Shop P.C. Richard & Son now and bring the best upright freezer into your home!

Get a Standing Freezer for Your Frozen Storage Needs

P.C. Richard & Son offers a great selection of both large or small upright freezers to fit into any space. Select models include various features like shelving, baskets, door storage, lighting, a lock, and a defrost water drain. Upright freezers are available in a range of colors, including several options made for use with custom panels to ensure a match with any decorating scheme. Compact upright freezers are great for use in kitchens and bar areas, or in storage areas like basements or garages. For the best standing freezers at the guaranteed lowest prices, shop P.C. Richard & Son now!

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